Posted by Mustafa Ratke on January 17, 2019

Ferrebeekeeper. This year’s Halloween theme (both in Ferrebeekeeper and our benighted democracy) is “Evil Clowns”. Clowns date back to dynastic Egypt and they have always been liminal figures who have straddled lines between wisdom and foolishness, outcast and insider, living person and weird effigy, and even between good and evil.


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Ferrebeekeeper: Perdix, The PartridgePerdix, The PartridgeFerrebeekeeper: The Giant WombatThe Giant WombatFerrebeekeeper: Elephant-178574698-192534Elephant-178574698-192534Ferrebeekeeper: Ocellated TurkeyOcellated TurkeyFerrebeekeeper: An Ancient MasterpieceAn Ancient MasterpieceFerrebeekeeper: Gothic MansionsGothic MansionsFerrebeekeeper: The First BeekeepersThe First BeekeepersFerrebeekeeper: Honey Bees In WinterHoney Bees In WinterFerrebeekeeper: Green Tree PythonGreen Tree PythonFerrebeekeeper: Somebody Else’s Christmas Garden!Somebody Else’s Christmas Garden!Ferrebeekeeper: The Timber RattlesnakeThe Timber RattlesnakeFerrebeekeeper: The Tree Of HeavenThe Tree Of HeavenFerrebeekeeper: The Last Mughal CrownThe Last Mughal CrownFerrebeekeeper: Halloween ColorsHalloween ColorsFerrebeekeeper: Xiangliu, The Nine Headed SnakeXiangliu, The Nine Headed Snake


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